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Location: Northern Caucasus.
Status: Republic within the Russian Federation.
Extension: 14,100 sq km2. Inhabitants: 463,300. Capital: Cherkessk (120,700 pp.).
Native ethnic groups: Karachays (150.000), Cherkess (55.000), Noghay (20.000), Abaza (30.000).
These peoples are sunnite muslims.
The first president of Karachay- Cherkess Republic Vladimir Semenov
second president of Karachay-Cherkess Republic Mustafa Batdyev
third president of Karachay- Cherkess Republic Rashid Temrezov

Brief History: The Karachays were driven into the highlands of the North Caucasus by Mongol tribes in the 13th century. Their territory was annexed by the Russian Empire in 1828 but they continued to resist Russian rule throughout the 19th century. Many Karachay emigrated to the Ottoman Empire in the 1860-70s.  In 1920,  the Mountain Autonomous Soviet Republic was settled up in the north Caucasus, which included the lands of the Cherkess (Circassians) and Karachay, but 2 years later this fell apart and a separate Karachay-Cherkess region was established. In 1926, this was further subdivided, and the two peoples had their own regions. In 1936, they were merged yet again, but 8 years later, in 1943, direct rule was imposed by Moscow . The people was deported to Kazahstan/Kirgizija like chechens, balkars and others...Local autonomy was not restored until 1957. Since 1936, the Karachai have had their own written language . In Karachaevesk, there is a teacher education university which is responsible for the intellectual development of future generations. In contrast to the other smaller Caucasian groups, the Karachai are more outgoing, a trait which has contributed to the secularization among this Islamic people.

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Music and dances 
karachay songs. new!(the page is no more available)
"Balkariya" ensamble

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local resources from Alim Khubolov:
  • "Culture of Karachay-Balkar peoples" by M.Djurtubaev, in Russian
  •  Traditional arts of Karachais and Balkarians. AYa.Kuznetsova, Nalchik, 1982, in Russian
  • Karachai-Balkarian folk dances. M. Ch. Kudayev, Nalchik, 1984.  in Russian)
  • Karachay-Balkar orthography dictionary , in cyrillic characters
  • short karachay-russian dictionary in cyrillic 
  • Mini-enciclopedia on Karachai-Cherkess land ,(includes toponimical glossary) in Russian 
local resources from

Fiction, Poetry in Karachay -Balkar Language (examples)
in latine letters

Batyr Jashchyq (tauruh)
Qarachaygha salam (nazmu)
avtor- Hamit Botash

cyrillyc (KOI-8)

Батыр джашчыкъ(таурух)
Къарачайгъа салам (назму)
автор- Хамит Боташ 



Emblems of modern Karachay-Cherkess Republic

Were authorized February 3 1994.
A piece of detailed map of local area (Zelenchukskaya with RATAN-600 as a little circle on the South  district, Cherkessk, Karachaevsk and surroundings come here) (full map of KCHR - 4.8Mb zip file here) more maps

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